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AnitaBee Holistic Therapies

Mobile Fertility, Pregnancy and Birth Reflexology in Southampton

AnitaBee Holistic Therapies offers a natural, holistic approach

for anyone planning pregnancy!

Support through all stages of IVF!

For those already pregnant who wish to ease pregnancy related symptoms!
Support for late stage pregnancy & labour!
Post natal & early years assistance!

Mobile service covering Southampton & Hampshire, at a time & place that suits you!


Pre Conceptual Refelexology

Preparing Your Body And Mind - 12 Week Program
Preparing Your Body And Mind - 6 Week Program 

These sessions aim to improve the overall health & well being of clients wishing to conceive. 

After an in depth medical & lifestyle consultation, a personal treatment plan is devised.

Each session uses specific reflexology techniques plus information to support the client & their partner through their conception journey. 

As conception is a two-way process, couples are encouraged (but not pressured) to both receive treatments during this time.

IVF and Assisted Fertility

Reflexology can also support you through your IVF journey.

This can be a physically & emotionally challenging time so reflexology sessions throughout the process can help reduce anxiety, calm nerves & help you through the various stages of assisted fertility.

Pregnancy Reflexology

£45 per session or 6 x Pre Paid sessions £240

It is recommended that clients have at least 4-5 sessions before the due date for maximum benefit. 

There is no supporting evidence that Reflexology is harmful during the 1st Trimester. Reflexology can be a great way to help ease the common discomforts of pregnancy.  


 *Please note - Reflexology is not recommended if the client has conditions such as Pre-Eclampsia, DVT, Placenta Previa, Placental Abruption, Polyhydramnios or Oligohydramnios.

1st Stage Labour and support

£65 (Subject to availability) 

This session supports the mother during early labour and provides wonderful relaxation and ease from discomfort.

Two recent studies (Valiani. M et al. 2011) have shown that treatments can help reduce the length of 1st stage labour & found be a natural, effective way to reduce pain.

Post natal Reflexology

£45 per session or 6 x Pre Paid Sessions £240

A new baby brings both physical & emotional changes and Reflexology treatments can be introduced from as soon as 3 days after birth. 

By initially having weekly treatments, the body is encouraged to relax & rebalance, helping the client adjust to motherhood. Once again, this is a time where both parents may benefit from treatments.