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Birth ROCKS! Birth Preparation Classes in Southampton


Birth Rocks Academy Antenatal Education from Anita Blizard - Birth Rocks Mentor

Personal and positive birth preparation - Have the experience you want! 
Enjoy your pregnancy, look forward to birth and celebrate this unique and exciting experience.
Packed full of research based education and information. 
Carefully curated sessions that are formulated with you in mind.
Caring and committed mentoring along with positive support that fits in with your lifestyle. 
Can be combined with reflexology and other therapies for a fantastic pregnancy experience!

  • An individual approach to pregnancy and birth - Informative, Creative & Effective. 
  • 1 to 1 sessions in your home or online - no travelling or juggling to attend a class.
  • Workshop days that are limited to 4 couples for more individual attention
  • Mother plus Birth Partner or individual if you are having a Solo Birth
  • Totally bespoke sessions - Official Birth Rocks training, ongoing email support for up to 4 weeks after your birth.
  • Complimentary Post Natal session 

Online programme available

Available on ZOOM!

Even if we cannot meet in person, you can still enjoy Birth ROCKS! 

The same excellent, personal service but with the extra flexibility of when to schedule in your sessions. All information and Parent Handbook is available to download.