Reflexology, Reiki and Relaxation in Southampton
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Finding the time to relax has never been easier!


Do you find it difficult to relax and switch off?

Are you feeling stressed and unable to focus?

Do you have a busy schedule?

Do you prefer to relax in your own home?


I'm Anita Blizard (MAR)

Reflexologist and Holistic Practitioner


I'm here to help you chill out, re balance 

and tackle all those stress related issues.

Pre Conception to Post Natal

Pregnancy reflexology in Southampton

From conception to birth, it can all get incredibly stressful!

Reflexology could be the answer you have been looking for...

Soothing Slumber

Sleep and insomnia management

Can't sleep due to stress? 

Lack of sleep making you stressed?

Looking at all the pieces holistically could be the answer...

Reflexology on the radio!

community radio interview hand reflexology

Click on the link to listen to my live hand reflexology demonstration! 

Fun, informative and great music!

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